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Male’ City Council Urges Removal of Vehicles in Industrial Village

Male’ city council has requested the owners of vehicles parked in the industrial village area of male’ city to move the vehicles. City Council calls for owners to remove vehicles in the Industrial Village after a cleaning operation in the area was commenced.

Details of the Vehicles in the Industrial Zone:

  • Unregistered Newly Imported Vehicles – 37
  • Old Vehicles assumed to be left – 37
  • Vehicles used for construction purposes – 9
  • Vehicles being used daily and parked – 348
  • Vehicles with Garbage – 18
  • The total amount of vehicles in the Industrial Zone – 449

Parked vehicles in the area are to be removed within seven days from the 18th of June. If not, the vehicles will be removed by the Council and Police. The Council will not be responsible for any damage sustained during the operation to remove the vehicles.

The announcement by the Council also read that any engineless vehicles in the area are also to be removed by the Council.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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