Maldives Inflation rate falls by 3.6%

Maldives inflation rate has fallen by 3.6 so far, according to reports released by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Reports depict that inflation rate till the month of April has fallen in comparison to last year.

In the month of March, the inflation rate was 1.1% while in April month it was 3.2%.

The most significant falls in prices include electricity charges which fall by 40% and water charges which fall by 30%. The government reduced electricity and water charges to help the public during the COVID-19 crisis.

Also, rent has fallen by 5% and charges related to telecommunication fell by 4%.

However, the prices of fruits and vegetables have risen in April.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and precautionary measures, the majority of the public has opted for only necessary purchases during the time.   

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