JAUSA Constructions, A Pioneer in the Construction Industry of Maldives

JAUSA Constructions is one of the most renowned construction companies in the Maldives. The successful construction company has been in the industry for more than 2 decades and their expertise and workmanship can be seen behind some great innovations in the country.

Constructing since 1992

Jausa Construction was established in 1992 established with the main aim of construction and to introduce new innovative technologies to the field in the Maldives. In less than two decades, Jausa has become the most trusted name in the industry, a pioneer in construction in both public and private sector.


During the year 1996, the first 10 story building in the Maldives was constructed by Jausa and was built with dual elevators – Central Hotel. Two years later, the company introduced mobile cranes to concrete casting and introduced VRV Air conditioning System – KK building. Jausa also built the first and only mosque with 3 Domes in the Maldives, the Masjidhul Jalaaludheen. Even the sole underground floor in the Maldives till date was constructed by Jausa.

The company has also received extremely prestigious awards, making the company name second to none in the Construction Industry in the Maldives. In 2000, National award for the Construction industry was awarded to Jausa by Cladding technology around the building to President of Maldives. Jausa is also a recipient of Excellence Award from the President of Maldives for the excellent workmanship of Customs Building.


Jausa not only offers high-quality construction services but also pre-construction services such as BOQ preparation and pre-construction consultancy. After the completion of the project, the company provides one-year free maintenance to all its buildings and provide lease management to its client upon request under a contract.

The company’s scope of work includes preliminary groundwork, structural works, masonry, various woodworks, fire systems, ceiling works as well as a variety of flooring work.

Contact: 333 7575 or [email protected]

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