Japan to Maldives

Crystal clear water, beautiful corals, hundreds of fishes and amazing weather conditions set up a perfect snorkelling experience at the Maldives. Snorkelling with schools of fishes and spotting baby sharks is an experience you will never forget.

Staying in a water villa is an experience in its own right. Waking up to the crashing sound of waves and sipping your morning tea with the mesmerizing view of the sea. Experiencing the luxury of water villas is a must.

Sea diving was amazing. I was lucky to spot a pair of stingrays and lots of fishes. Nonetheless, my experience of sea diving at Okinawa, Japan is still much much better than the Maldives.

Private islands provide a lot of complimentary activities like sunrise and sunset cruise, yoga sessions, photo sessions to name a few. Do remember to ask the hotel staff about it as these activities are generally on some fixed days and have a cap on the number of people that can register.

The crystal blue water and the less crowded beach have its own charm. Sitting at the beach and experiencing the beautiful sunset is food for the soul.

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