How to Resume Work At Office Post Lockdown

Government of the Maldives announced eases in lockdown measures after more than 1 month of strict lockdown. With the easing of measure, offices are preparing to resume working from offices. After a long hiatus from working in an office, some employees might find it difficult to adjust to the office environment, while others may feel reluctant due to fear of getting the virus.

Hence, in this delicate time, employers need to adjust the office environment in accordance with the changes that the pandemic has brought to the daily lives of everyone. An establishment of a concrete plan will reshape the company culture and morale with the new normal. It will also go a long way in making adjusting to new changes less overwhelming to employees.

When resuming working from home, it is very important to set certain rules and regulations ensuring the safety of all employees. For instance, implementing shift duty, installing anti-bacterial and hand-washing stations, and setting a maximum amount of people allowed in the conference rooms.

Pictured: Handwashing Station Installed by Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC)

Implementation of the aforementioned rules and regulations will increase employee’s security in the safety of office environment making them less reluctant to resume working from home.

Clear communication of the new working protocols is very essential in a smooth transition from working from home to working from the office. People in the managerial positions need to have a strong communication line with all employees, to ensure the correct information about new working protocols is conveyed to the employees.

Authorities have not allowed to re-open schools and daycare in the country; hence employers need to take into account the circumstances of employees with children. Adjusting the shift duties of such employees and employers showing empathy will strengthen the morale of employees.

Health experts have suggested continuing working from home even though authorities have allowed re-opening offices. As the COVID-19 outbreak in the Maldives is not under control yet. However, companies who are re-opening offices need to consider the above-mentioned activities to emphasize the commitment to employees’ health, and increasing the productivity of employees.

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