Discount Stores: Emerging Retail Chains in the Maldives

In light of prevailing economic changes, small stores are rising in the Maldives bringing many changes to the retail industry.

The rise of small stores in the retail industry is mainly due to Maldivian buyers opting for affordable stores over larger stores with high prices.

Smaller stores such as Ihusaan store has been expanding at a higher rate compared to larger stores such as VB.

Here Corporate Maldives has highlighted two stores that have been rising in the retail industry.

  1. Ihusaan Fihaara

Ihusaan Fihaara is a well-known store in the Maldives for providing affordable and variety of products. They are small in scale compared to large stores such as Redwave however they have managed to open three stores in the Male’ city.

They provide a wide variety of products from groceries to home improvements. Also, is one of the few discount stores in the Maldives.

2. Fathaha

Fathaha store is also small in scale compared to the major retail store in the Maldives but has created its own place in the industry. From groceries and home improvements, everything is available at affordable prices.

Fathaha store has managed to become a household name when it comes to purchasing home improvement products, due to its wide variety of low price goods.

More customers now look for affordable and convenient stores when purchasing day to day commodities and home improvement goods rather than going for a branded product.

The rise of small discount stores is expected to bring a revolution to the retail industry of Maldives.

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