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COVID-19: Maldives tests over 1800 individuals

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen revealed on Tuesday that over 1800 individuals have been tested for COVID-19 in the Maldives.

Addressing the country on the occasion of World Health Day, Minister Ameen said that the main focus of the current safety measures implemented by the government is to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to the community.

According to the minister, over 1,800 people have been tested for the virus thus far, while 1700 individuals have been quarantined and isolated at different facilities across the country. The government also quarantined several buildings and vessels in which those who tested positive had resided in or travelled on.

The health minister noted that over 30 orders were issued by the Director-General of Public Health Maimoona Aboobakr, under the state of public health emergency declared on March 12, for the first time in the Maldives.

“It will take time to see the results of our efforts. We need full cooperation and help from all citizens in this matter”, he said.

The health minister pointed out that COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the daily operations of countries across the globe, adding that we were witnessing a global economic slowdown, in which the Maldives is not exempt from.

“Until we see the results of our efforts to combat the pandemic, we will continue to see an economic slowdown. It is important that we prepare for the difficult times with this in mind”

The Maldives presently records 19 confirmed and six active cases of COVID-19, with a total of 13 recoveries. While there are two confirmed cases of Maldivians, no local to local transmissions have been recorded.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the spread of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus has infected over 1,431,912 people and claimed over 82,083 lives around the world. However, out of those infected, more than 302,209 people have recovered.

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