Committee passes to tag nine suspects under MoniCon order


Man tagged with an ankle monitor under the MoniCon order. PHOTO/POLICE

The special committee on the MoniCon order has approved to request the High Court to tag nine suspects, who are accused of major criminal offences, with ankle monitors under the Anti-Terrorism Act on Sunday.

The MoniCon order is issued by the High Court, based on the home minister’s proposals, to monitor the activities of dangerous suspects. The special committee was assembled to counsel the home minister on issuing the order.

The committee did not disclose the identities of the nine dangerous suspects it seeks to tag. However, Maldives Police Service had said last Thursday that they have requested the authorities to tag 16 individuals.

The committee’s decision to file at the High Court to tag nine suspects comes amidst an upsurge of violence in capital Male City. Two were killed in gang violence attacks last week while the past three months saw the murders of three youths in the capital.

Full details are available from the link below:

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