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US warns Yameen respect or face consequences

Robert J Palladino - US State Deppartment Deputy Spokesperson.

The following is a transcript:

The Maldivian people turned out in record numbers during their recent election to decisively choose Ibu Solih as their next President, and the Elections Commission has certified the results.

The United States is concerned by troubling events in Maldives that threaten, undermine the will of the Maldivian people. Including a Supreme Court complaint filed by President Yameen, contesting the election results and reports of serious threats against the members of the Elections Commission.

The United States and the international community would view with great concerns any attempts that undermine the democratic process, including any delay to the inauguration scheduled for November 17th.

The United States will consider appropriate measures against anyone who undermine democracy, the rule of law, or free and fair electoral process in Maldives.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice G. Wells met this week with President-elect Solih, to emphasize that the United States is eager to extend cooperation with his government and to assist Maldives in its return to a democratic path.

The United States urges all parties to respect the will of the Maldivian people and to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition of power.

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President ibrahim Solih
President ibrahim Solih

What a lack of respect the US state department has for president elect. Calling him IBU, it would be the same as for us to president trump, don.


Indian government calls him a sudhra but ibu loves it.


You are expecting too much analytical capability from those assuming necktie and residence in UK as symbol of knowledge. The fools don’t realize even sanitary worker in UK wears better tie and speak better English. We can’t install any self respect upon those missing spine