Lower court throws out case on Jumhoory Party’s flag ban

Jumhoory Party's flags and logo pictured at a party rally. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Jumhoory Party’s flags and logo pictured at a party rally. PHOTO/MIHAARU

The Civil Court has thrown out the lawsuit filed by opposition Jumhoory Party, regarding the Elections Commission ban of the party’s flag and logo, as JP failed to turn up at the trial.

The Elections Commission banned the use of JP’s flag and logo claiming that they resemble the President’s Flag. The regulation on the use of the National Flag states that the President’s Flag consists of a crescent moon and a star, which faces inwards to the crescent, and that no other body is allowed to use a flag or logo that resembles the President’s Flag.

The lower court threw out the case on August 13 when JP’s representatives did not attend the hearing scheduled for that day. Judicial courts are accorded the authority to dismiss civil cases should the plaintiff be absent at hearings.

Full details are available from the link below:

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