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Islamist group concerned over scantily clad women in New Year show

The Islamist group Jamiyathul Salaf has expressed concern after scantily clad women were shown during the live broadcast of the New Year show organised by the government in the capital city Malé, according to Sun Online.

Sheikh Hassan Moosa Fikry, the group’s vice president, said the most upsetting factor is that such shows, which display acts prohibited by Islam, are broadcast live on state media while children watch television with their parents.

He said Jamiyathul Salaf, a registered NGO, would share its concerns with the Maldives Broadcasting Commission, the Home Ministry and Islamic Ministry, adding that such disturbing actions are committed by not just the current administration, but by all previous governments.

Fikry claimed that celebrating occasions marked by non-Muslims threaten the loss of Islamic values and advised the public to desist from participating in acts prohibited by Islam. The public, along with sheikhs, has a role in stopping such crude acts, he added.

The major criticism of the New Year show, organised by the Tourism Ministry and the Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation, was targeted towards scantily clad women from a Bollywood dance group and the female host of the show.

The Tourism Ministry’s information officer, Abeer Ismail, was not responding to calls.

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