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Guess The Celeb Who Shared This No-Filter Postcard From The Maldives

Taapsee Pannu shared this photo (courtesy taapsee)

  • Taapsee is chilling in Maldives with her sister Shagun
  • Taapsee shared a pic on her Instagram
  • Taapsee has also been sharing glimpses on Instagram

Guess who is vacationing in the Maldives? Taapsee Pannu. The 33-year-old actress recently flew into the vacation destination with her sisters Shagun and Evania on Tuesday and is already having a blast. On Wednesday, Taapsee checked onto Instagram from the Maldives to share an update about how bright and sunny her days are in the beachside destination. Sharing a glimpse of her photoshoot on the white sands of the Maldives beaches, Taapsee wrote: “When nature seems to have the best filter… best background…. best lighting… best props… all you can do is not spoil it.” Taapsee Pannu’s no-filter photo is indeed pretty stunning, courtesy the dreamlike backdrop.

Taapsee also shared these snippets of her holiday itinerary on her Instagram stories – she went snorkelling and enjoyed some good coffee by the beach.


Screenshots of Taapsee Pannu’s Instagram stories

Meanwhile, Taapsee’s sister Shagun shared a glimpse of their mid-week mood on Instagram and here’s how it looks like. Oh, we are so jealous of the Pannu sisters.

Taapsee Pannu took off for the Maldives as she was in dire need of a vacation. She made this confession herself with an Instagram post: “Here’s me looking forward to the much needed get away,” she captioned a throwback photo.

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