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Fehendhoo councillors out on trash collection

Fehendhoo councillors collecting waste

Councillors of B. Fehendhoo pictured collecting household waste from around the island. PHOTO/EYDHAFUSHI TIMES

The councillors of Baa atoll Fehendhoo island have personally set out to collect household waste from around the island, after receiving no response to the council’s notice seeking a team to operate the waste collection programme.

Fehendhoo Council’s president Moosa Naseem stated that they had a plan to start the waste collection this year as part of the initiative to keep the island clean and manage waste properly. It was with this intention that they had issued a notice to put together a team for the cause. However, with no responses by the time the new year started, the three members on the council had decided to actively launch the programme themselves.

The councillors now set out at eight every morning to collect waste from households, using the council’s island pickup to carry the garbage bags. With the added task, they attend to their official council work after 11 in the morning. According to the council president, this does not in any way clash with their official tasks as they do not have heavy workloads on a daily basis.

“This is a very unusual task. But since no one wanted to do it, we have to do this, don’t we? We feel this is a part of our responsibility,” Moosa said.

Fehendhoo has a population of approximately 300 people. The waste collection was to be done with a monthly fee of MVR 100 from each household. Moosa added that the councillors will continue to provide this service until they succeed in getting a team for the task.

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