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Family lament ex-defence minister’s 1,000 days in prison

Jailed former defence minister Mohamed Nazim arrives for a court hearing. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU

The family of jailed former defence minister Mohamed Nazim released a statement to mark his 1,000th day of imprisonment on Monday, declaring that each passing day is another blow of judicial injustice to Nazim.

Nazim is currently serving 11 years in jail for illegal weapons possession after a pistol and three bullets were found in his residence. He and his family maintain that he was framed.

In their statement, Nazim’s family highlighted that neither his fingerprints nor DNA were found on the pistol and that there was no evidence tying him to the weapons’ discovery. Describing the truth of the situation “is as obvious as the midday sun”, the family accused that Nazim had been deprived of opportunities owed by the judiciary. Noting that November 6 was his 1,000th day in prison, the family stated that every passing moment that does not provide a solution for Nazim is an injustice to not only him but his family and the public.

The family also touched upon the letter that was sent to the Supreme Court by jailed former vice president Ahmed Adheeb, in which he had claimed to know the truth behind Nazim’s case and that Nazim had had no knowledge of the pistol and bullets that were found at his residence. With regards to the letter, Nazim’s family pleaded the authorities to reopen the case.

They further stated that the apex court’s refusal to respond to their previous requests to this day is “shameful” for the judiciary.

Nazim’s family added that to keep any individual under a sentence for a criminal offence, which has sufficient evidence to raise doubt, is not acceptable in any civilized society in the history of humanity.

“… It is the enduring wish of Mohamed Nazim’s family that Maldivians will come to feel the independence of the Maldives’ judicial powers.”

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