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123 Projects Completed in First Two Years of President Solih’s Term

The government marked two years of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s term yesterday. Records show that 123 projects have been completed within that period.

As per statistics compiled by the President’s Office, a large number of these projects are in relation to the health, education and sports sectors of the Maldives.

Projects completed within two years of the term:

  • Harbour building: 11 projects
  • Streetlight: 1 project
  • Beach conservation: 3 projects
  • Health sector: 9 projects
  • Construction of COVID-19 facilities: 7 projects
  • Rehabilitation: 2 projects
  • Airport: 1 project
  • Education sector: 3 projects
  • Mosque upgrading: 5 projects
  • Waste disposal: 1 project
  • Sports: 78 projects
  • Social services: 2 projects

In addition to the 123 projects that have been completed, records show that 181 projects are still currently ongoing.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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