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When Deepti Bhatnagar fell in love with the Maldives


This week, let’s see what the Maldives looks like through television actress Deepti Bhatnagar’s lens.


Deepti is a water baby!

She said hello to the Maldives with this picture. ‘Been wanting to come here and finally I am here,’ she wrote.

Celebrating her birthday with a relaxing vacation.

Ready for dinner!

And ready to snorkel.

Clearly, blue is her favourite colour.

But, sometimes, she likes to get colourful.

‘After great sea dive pic toh zaroori hai‘, she writes along with the picture.

‘Together we make moments #maldives #travelwithdeeptibhatnagar #amore.’

Sun, sand, the clear blue sea and a lovely tan… her holiday is just perfect.

No wonder she can’t stop smiling.

A view she can never tire of.

Photographs: Kind courtesy Deepti Bhatnagar/Instagram

Full details are available from the link below:

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