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Police lab to be utilized for COVID-19 testing

Arrangements are underway to set up testing for COVID-19 in the police forensic laboratory.

In a news brief held by National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), Assistant Police Commissioner, Ismail Naveen said work has been ongoing since Wednesday night to establish testing for COVID-19 in the police forensic laboratory. He said the set-up work would be complete soon, and the police forensic analysts will be able to test samples for COVID-19.

“Since last night, work has been ongoing to establish the police forensic laboratory for COVID-19 testing. A PCR machine is available in the police laboratory, and the arrangements are being expedited. Testing will be done by our forensic analysts”, said Naveen

Naveen said with the arrangement for testing for COVID-19 in the police forensic laboratory, it will help increase testing capacity and to expedite getting results of the samples.

According to the Health Protection Agency (HPA), up to the time of the news brief on Thursday night, 300 samples were taken the same day for testing. The Maldives has registered 110 positive cases until now.

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