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First ever automated bike parking system in Maldives tested

20 automated parking systems are planned to be enacted across various points in Male’ while today’s system proved successful in its test run. | Photo: Housing Ministry

The first ever automated motorbike and moped parking system installed in Maldives has been tested on Thursday. The system is located at Heenaamaage, behind Velanage office complex.

Housing Ministry confirms the successful test run of the automated parking system which was designed abroad specific to Maldives.

Another mechanical vehicle parking system at Velanage vicinity has been in operation for sometime now, which as per Housing Ministry is a successful venture as well. The mechanical system was designed to accommodate 10 automobiles at the same time.

State government has assigned the parking system installation project to State Trading Organization (STO) under which 20 parking systems are scheduled to be enacted across various points in the capital. These 20 systems will include 10 systems specific to motorbikes or mopeds while the other 10 will be exclusive to automobiles.

Recently ADK had installed a similar mechanical parking system designed and engineered by a third-party corporation.

Full details are available from the link below:

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