Can you spend your holidays in the Maldives for an affordable price?

If visiting the Maldives is on your bucket list then now might be your chance to tick it off. A newly-opened resort called Kandima Maldives says it is an affordable alternative to visiting the archipelago, with activities for the whole family. The resort aspires to break the stereotype of the extravagant honeymoon destination with a focus on comfort, true value, fun and environmental consciousness.

Located in the Dhaalu Atoll, on the longest island on the Maldives, the resort has 274 stylishly designed studios and villas to offer. The resort invites families, couples and groups of friends to “feel more like at home rather than in a super luxurious expensive resort.” Laura Hawkins, communications director, says, “we want people to see this resort as their kind of place, where nobody needs to worry about the dress code, for example, hence our hashtag on social media is #mykindofplace.”

The resort aims to be less pretentious and less exclusive than other 5-star resorts. Prices start from around € 180 per night half board without taxes.

The choice of activities include aquatics, yoga, massage workshops, selfie lessons, DJ lessons, pool parties, cookery classes, beach games and art classes. The resort has 10 different bars and restaurants.

Smart technology is part of the experience, guests will soon be able to use the same wristband to open doors and pay bills.

Preserving the environment hand in hand

Being environmentally conscious is part of Kandima, Laura explains. “It is a paperless island, all information is displayed on TV screen. They keep the packaging down, all the glass is recycled as well as the wastewater and what is leftover is used to water the gardens and compost. Guests can help as well by using marine friendly sunscreen to preserve this paradise for diving” adds Laura.

Art and smiles

The company claims to be responsible in every way possible, so they have created several social corporate responsibility projects: Kandima Smiles is one designed to help local children gain access to free dental services.

“Another important matter for this resort is to support local art through the Kula initiative”, observes the director. Maldivian artists face difficulties so the resort invites them to showcase their work in the art studio of the island. Kandima also organises exhibitions and life performances for all those practising digital art, fine art, even coffee art (where they make a painting from coffee), fashion and photography. These local artists go to the island of Kandima to teach guests how to paint and craft. “So everybody wins “– adds Laura.

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