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Yumna: Modern age requires modern methods to teach history

The present modern age requires modern methods and techniques to teach Maldivian history, says Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Yumna Maumoon.

Speaking during the function organized by Dhivehi Bahuge Academy to mark National History Day at the Islamic University of Maldives last Wednesday night, Yumna said that waiting patiently at lectures wasn’t an easy feat, and that educators needed to adopt modern techniques and mediums such as documentary films and mobile applications to educate the young generation on Maldivian history and retain their interest in the subject.

Yumna stressed that educators needed to make Maldivian history an attractive subject and develop and encourage interest in research of Maldivian history among the younger generation.

“We need to create youths who are interested in history, and make history an interesting subject,” said Yumna.

She said that records of the history of a nation were as significant as memories and experiences were to individual people.

“We find our memories and past experiences important. And likewise, the memories of a nation during its lifetime is also of importance. For example, if a person were to wake up one day and have no recollection of her past experiences, what would happen then?” asked Yumna.

The chief guest of the National History Day function was Minister of Health, Abdulla Ameen.

Yumna, Ameen, President of Dhivehi Bahuge Academy – Ashraf Ali, and Analyst at Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage – Ahmed Ali all delivered speeches at the function.

The function also recognized the services of 11 Maldivians for their contribution to the field of history and presented them with award plaques.

One of the awardees, Imad Latheef, also spoke at the function.

National History Day is marked on the death anniversary of the first Maldivian to begin recording Maldivian history, Al Ghazi Thaajuddin.

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