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Yameen Abdul Gayoom — The Most Corrupt and Scandalous President

Yameen Abdul Gayoom

President Yameen’s administration has been embroiled in scandal for the entirety of its term in office. Coming into power in an election rife with irregularities and with the assistance of security forces and the Supreme Court who rigged the system until Yameen won, he has continued to govern in the same manner.

Stealing and arresting his way through the office, President Yameen and senior officials of his administration are accused of money laundering USD$ 1.5 billion, using state resources such as MNDF personnel, and the central reserve to funnel money through the country to and from secretive accounts based in Singapore and Malaysia.

Despite numerous accusations and statements from those who worked closely with President Yameen, including former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and their other minions, the Anti Corruption Commission and other supposedly independent state institutions have refused to investigate corruption allegations against Yameen. There is video footage of those charged in the MMPRC corruption scheme stating clearly that they carried bags of cash for officials in Yameen’s administration, which was used to bribe Judges, Members of Parliament and many others. Some of these bags were so full of cash that they were considered too heavy to carry.

President Yameen and his Government continue to carry out huge infrastructural projects in the country based on exorbitantly high-interest commercial loans, way over the actual value of the project. A percentage of this is funnelled straight into President Yameen’s pocket. The new IGMH building, international airport, bridge, and various other projects all involved a financial cut for President Yameen and contracts given specifically to key supporters in lieu of a transparent bidding process. As a result of these loans, Maldives’ debt has risen to exponential levels, increasing the debt burden placed on every single citizen.

Yameen continues to dodge accusations of corruption by laming all the blame at the feet of his fallen former Minister, Ahmed Adeeb.

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