World’s most advanced water purifier brand ‘Livpure’ introduced to the Maldives

Juniper has introduced the worlds most advanced water purifier brand Livpure Smart Water Purifiers to the Maldives. Juniper has partnered up with Livpur Private Limited, one of the most trusted names in the Indian corporate world which specializes in RO and UV water purifiers in order to cater to the soaring need of pure drinking water.

Juniper hopes to revolutionize the way Maldivians consume water. Livpure devices will save thousands of litres of water annually.

Juniper has introduced 3 models to the Maldivian Market:

  1. Livpure’s Smart Touch RO Water Purifier 

It is an intelligent water purification system with touch technology. Its advanced 8-stage water purification system helps clean and disinfect water at 24 LPH (litres per hour). Its taste enhancer kills odour-causing elements from water and gives out purified water that’s free of any foul smell and taste.

Its water storage capacity is 8.5 litres. The water purifier helps eliminate turbidity; minerals such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium; organics such as pesticides; as well as THMs, bacteria, and viruses.

This is a home-based model catering from 6-8 people and is priced at MVR 4990/- with a warranty of 1 year.

  1. Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier

This water purifier with Post Carbon Filter purifies up to 25 LPH (litres per hour) and is ideal to be installed at commercial places, such as schools, offices, universities, etc. where there is a high demand for clean drinking water. You can wall mount or place this water purifier on a table-top, depending on the space available. This commercial RO system, apart from just purifying water, enhances its taste and eliminates bad odour with its Taste Enhancer.

This is a commercial based model catering from 15-20 people and is priced at MVR 12,990 with a warranty of 1 year.

  1. Livpure i50 Commercial RO Water Purifier

The Livpure I50 Commercial RO Water Purifier is the latest 5-stage purification system specifically designed for high-usage establishments such as offices, schools, and universities. This wall-mounted system can easily provide up to 300 litres of pure and safe water every day.

With a purification capacity of 50 LPH (litres per hour), this water purifier guarantees to quench the thirst of hundreds with its quality water-filtration system. The system, equipped with 3 carbon filters, 1 RO membrane, and 1 sediment filter, delivers water that is free from impurities and has a refreshing taste. The water purifier features a pressure gauge, a flow meter, and a smart TDS display for monitoring the purification process.

This is the most advanced commercial based model catering up to 70 people and is priced at MVR 14,990 with a warranty of 1 year.

Juniper is the authorized sole distributor of Livpure Private Limited in the Maldives. Livpure Products will be available on upon launch.

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