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World Bank: Labor market challenges prevail for youth, women in Maldives

World Bank’s latest findings mark unemployment among youth and women as the biggest challenge facing the Maldivian labour market.

The World Bank, in its bi-annual South Asia Economic Focus report, noted that over a quarter of Maldivian women were either unemployed or not seeking work.

It also noted that youth unemployment remained high in the Maldives at 15.3 per cent.

The World Bank noted that the government is the top employer in the Maldives, while main industries tourism and construction rely on foreign labour and male employment.

It also noted that two-thirds of Maldivians are employed outside of the tourism industry.

“About two-thirds of Maldivians are employed in jobs not related to tourism, suggesting a misalignment between the drivers of growth and aspirations of job seekers,” reads the report.

World Bank has recommended measures to foster private-sector job creation to reduce the pressure on the government and state-owned companies to create employment.

It has also noted that public-private wage differentials and other benefits associated with public employment were dis-incentivize young jobseekers from taking up private sector opportunities, and the need to find private-sector alternatives to meet the projected expansion in the youth labour force.

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