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Work taking care of sea turtles in Maldives

For many, working caring for sea ​​turtles in the Maldives can prove to be a dream. However, it is a reality that we must take into account if, in addition to travelling, we also like to help. It is the perfect job because, more than a job, it turns out to be a paid vacation in full paradise. And what else could we ask for?
The idea has been promoted by the Olive Ridley Project sea ​​turtle rescue centre in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu. This has published a juicy call to spend two full weeks of August on this small and ideal island of the Maldives.

The call to care for sea turtles

Work taking care of sea turtles in Maldives

Work taking care of sea turtles in the Maldives, image via Gettyimages

On the islet is where the luxurious Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu hotel is located. Here works Dr Claire Petros, veterinary Olive Ridley leader in the project.
This call seeks a person who wishes to practice for two weeks. In addition, these will be remunerated with an amount of 6250 USD.
Its main functions will be the following:
Feed the sea turtles
Keep the tanks where they live clean
Attend rescue missions
Release those rehabilitated turtles
Interact with the guests of the centre, as well as offer them information about these animals
Be present at the presentations of the Olive Ridley project

How to apply for the position

Applying for the position is quite simple, as there is no specific requirement for it. Of course, you do have to be of legal age. That is, having turned 18. Otherwise, the practices are open to people of any nationality.
However, it will be necessary to go through an arduous selection process. Well, there will be many participants worldwide. If you want more information, you have a complete call on this website.

Full details are available at the link below:

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