Womens Futsal Fiesta to mark a decade

Fadhuwa Zahir

Competitive atmosphere is where human beings build their capacity, skill and capability. Perhaps that was the basic thing which had been missing for those women who were eagerly waiting for such an atmosphere to prove their skill in futsal.

Ten years ago, Club Maldives brought joy for those women by hosting 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta (18/30 WFF), and today, we see a different level of women’s futsal in the Maldives.

When the first edition of this tournament was held, our fingers could count those few players who had the basic touch of futsal. Nevertheless, 18/30 WFF is a tournament of many talents including international professional players today. Surprisingly, professionals from Europe have also travelled to feature in the tournament. That has been a great experience and exposure to them and to the local players too.

It is undoubtedly agreeable that, this tournament has brought lots of futsal talents in front of our eye. Moreover, it has been a platform for a few players to shine and make a way forward for their selection to the Maldives national team.

Club Immigration has been the most successful team so far in 18/30 WFF by crowning the championship for a remarkable four times. However, no team has succeeded in winning the trophy for a consecutive three years. Immigration was close to making the landmark twice in doing so, but their dreams were shattered in a pitiful manner on both occasions.

Fadhuwa Zahir is the most successful player of the tournament by winning the title five times with two different clubs. She won it four times with Club Immigration and once with Dhivehi Sifainge Club. She has also most caps in the final of the tournament, which tallies to seven, and was on the edge of winning the sixth title last year with Police Club, but was unfortunate to lose the glimpse of hope after a painful final match which was decided on penalties.

Mariyam Mirfath is the second most successful player by winning the title five times, with two different clubs as Fadhuwa. Shaliya is another player who has her name in bold letters in the history of 18/30 WFF. She won the tournament with STO RC on 2012 and won the Queen of the Tournament Award as well.

A great portion of history is also held by Zahiya from Dhivehi Sifainge Club. She is recognized as a player who is calm with the ball when it is under her feet. She won the tournament on 2014, along with the Golden Boot Award and Player of the Tournament Award. She also went on winning the Queen of the Final Match award, marking that as her most successful year.

Rani Mulyasari of Indonesia is the best foreign player to feature in the tournament so far. She won the tournament twice with Club Immigration and won the Queen of the Tournament on both those tournaments.

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