Why Maldives is the best place to plan your first overseas trip

Not just because I had to tick my first overseas trip from the list, but this water paradise induces me to share my travel experiences.

I was also lucky to explore the islands all by myself and also little more lucky because i had my aunt working in Maldives, who guided me to every place and also help me cut off the stay costs of a 6 day trip which would have put me in debts, but not.

For starters, I booked a round trip flight (a weekly flight ) from Chennai to Male, Maldives [27-02 to 06-03]

Maldives is a group of islands with each island having numerous atolls. The airport is at Hulhule island and you have to take a ferry to your respective resorts which will be arranged by the resorts itself.

I stayed 4 days at the local guesthouse (40 dollars per night) which was at Male (the capital) and so took a ferry to reach the place.

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