Why I’m Visiting The Maldives In 2017

There is honestly nothing quite like a journey in a sea plane! Taking off from and landing on the azure blue ocean that makes up most of the Maldives is something you won’t forget in a hurry.

On my first ever seaplane journey, not five seconds after arriving in the Baa Atoll, a huge reef shark swam right past my window – what a way to land!

Honestly, water doesn’t get much more magically blue than it does in the Maldives!

Whether you are viewing it from above, diving head first into the crystal clear depths or just enjoying the view from the white sand beaches – this patch of the ocean is one that will be sure to impress and amaze even the harshest of critics.


On my last trip to the Maldives, I had an incredible encounter with some glorious sea turtles, but did some serious damage to my middle-ear in the process! I am determined to hang out with sea turtles again, but hopefully this time doing so won’t result in me hurting myself.

I just need to remember to equalise when freediving!


There is a staggering amount of evidence to suggest that global warming will cause a marked increase to sea levels in the near future, possibly even as soon as in 20 years!

When this happens, low-lying countries like the Maldives may all but disappear, so I am seizing every opportunity to see this wonderful country – while I still can.

It honestly doesn’t matter if you are staying in a 5* luxury island hotel, a local guesthouse or a basic hotel next to the airport, the hospitality is just plain wonderful.

Maldivian people (and the many Sri Lankan people living and working in the Maldives) are some of the kindest you’ll ever meet!


Parrot fish, moray eels, reef sharks, lobsters, octopuses, sting rays and so much more all await anyone who visits the Maldives. There is a truly unbelievable amount of sea life condensed into such small reefs, meaning that you can see a huge variety of marine animals with minimal effort – who wouldn’t want that?!


Though I do mostly budget backpacking, I gotta admit, when opportunities for a fancy schmancy hotel or resort stay present themselves, this traveller has a hard time turning them down – especially when they are in the Maldives!

Over-water villas, hammocks in the ocean and hanging out on boats next to pods of dolphins while sipping champagne… it may be excessive, but it is in the most incredible possible way.


If you are sick and tired of busy cities, heavy traffic and the hectic nature that can be day to day life, what better way to unwind than running away to a tropical island paradise for a little while?


We have already covered the incredible aquatic life that awaits anyone who ventures to the Maldives, but there are a few gigantic creatures that are a little harder to find.

Visiting from June through November gives you the chance to spot massive manta rays and other-worldly whale sharks! If you are lucky enough to spot these creatures, getting into the water and swimming with them will undoubtedly be an experience beyond your wildest dreams.

Before I visited the Maldives, I thought it was just a few pretty islands suitable for honeymooners and honeymooners only – but I was so incredibly wrong.

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