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“Hello, I live here” is the first thing I said when I opened the curtains to reveal a picture perfect view of the sun rising on an uninterrupted horizon. My husband and I were surrounded by tranquil water, our romantic pool villa sitting atop stilts that gave us direct access to the warm, crystal clear Indian Ocean.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get inside the moment. It was a view so beautiful I took the exact same picture 20 times just in case it disappeared (and went on to do this hundreds of times a day, sorry camera roll). And the weather. So faultless, every minute of the day is useable. There’s no wastage, no transfer time, nowhere to be but just where you are. Around it, within it. Every minute feels like an hour. Naps become part of the daily schedule, as does asking yourself, “Is 12 p.m. too early for a cocktail?” LOL.

The Maldives. It’s a destination holding many-a-desktop screensaver, as if somehow every time we switch on our computer, we are manifesting a trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And then there’s Instagram. For years I found myself lingering on the love heart, wondering if one more double tap would transport me to that white sand. Only without my cellulite. No room in my carry on for you, cellulite.

Other things I wondered about the Maldives that you might, too:

  1. Is the Maldives worth the money?
  2. Should I just go back to Bali?
  3. Is the water really that perfect?
  4. Where even is the Maldives?

From Sydney, it’s a nine-hour flight to Singapore and then five hours on to Male, the capital. Then, choose your transfer poison. Sea plane to one of the 13 Atolls, or a jet boat? Night time arrival will see you on a jet boat, speeding through the black ink. But if you’re coming or going during the day, I highly recommend taking the sea plane option. That experience is engrained in my mind forever. I hate flying, especially on small planes. But the view from up there. . . those pictures will always remind me of that time. That holiday.

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