Whilst the bitter defeat in the final, Fadhuwa goes to the history as the most successful player


From the nation’s incredible female footballing figure to the most successful female futsal player in the history of Maldives, Fadhuwa Zahir (Cheney) had lots of twists and turns, with an amazing plot and more to be added, in the journey of her illustrious career.

As the 9th edition of the biggest futsal tournament in the Maldives just brought another delightful moment of women’s futsal, Fadhuwa’s name has been etched in golden letters, in the history of 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta (WFF).

On the other hand, she is the captain of Maldives women’s national football team and a role-model to all the footballers. Her commitment to the football of Maldives is inspiring as she has been playing a vital role in the transformation of the perspective of the people, who initially thought football is only for men.

Fadhuwa playing for the national team

It is amazing how firm she stood against all odds in the beginning, to reach to her childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer. Indeed, she has achieved much more by becoming the most successful futsal player in the Maldives, as being the most successful player in the 18/30 WFF ultimately makes her that of the country.

Fadhuwa after winning 18/30 WFF 2016

She is now five times a champion and twice a runner-up. Moreover, there is no other player who had appeared more in the competition finals than her, with a remarkable seven appearances in the nine year history of the competition.

Club Immigration winning the championship on 2016

“To reach to this moment in the tournament is not as easy as it seems”, Fadhuwa said speaking to the media of Club Maldives. She described her journey in three words by saying, “hard work, commitment and determination”.

She further stated that the players who played with her made her to display the best in her.

“The players who played with me throughout the tournaments made the difference. And they brought the best in me”, she said.

Fadhuwa and Mirufath played together in all competition of the competition, except this years edition

On the other hand, her humble, quite and positive presence brings about the best output of her work ethics, which is another testament for her success.

Fadhuwa was aiming to make her 18/30 WFF championship tally to 6, when she appeared in the final against MPL on Tuesday. However a bitter loss on penalties took a turn in her dream. She was also forced to come out from the game for obtaining a hip injury five minutes from full time.

Nevertheless, she was among the best five players of the competition for her exceptional deep performance in Police Club this year.

The five players of 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta 2018

Here are some of her acknowledgements and experiences she shared with Club Maldives media before the final match.

Q. How will you define the tournament?
A. “This tournament is the best thing for female football/futsal lovers, who wish to build a career or play in a competitive level. And I feel this is a platform to see the growing talents in the Maldives, where they can be offered a place at a professional level depending on the skill and ability.

Over the years, I have seen really good changes made to improvise the tournament, most importantly when Club Maldives decided that only two foreigners can play for a team this year. Foreigners’ inclusion in the tournament is very important, but three in a team narrows the chances for our local players. But this number reduced to two is perfect in my opinion”.

Q. What would you prefer between football and futsal?
A. “Of course football. I am at first a footballer. All through the year, am involved in football, and futsal is only for this tournament for the time being”.

Q. What is the most challenging team in the competition this year?
A. “The most challenging team for me is actually MPL. They have the ability to turn matches around. National team players in their team are doing really well”.

Q. What is the strength of your team, Police Club?
A. “Our strength is the will power, the belief that we will not let this slip from our hands. Tha’ts what we have been believing from day one”.

Q. What is your unforgettable moment of the competition?
A. “That was back in 2013 final, when I played for MNDF. I scored the only goal, the deciding goal, to win by 1-0. The reason it makes more dramatic is that, the goal came in the last minute of the match. It is a great feeling to score such a vital goal”.

Q. Which is the best team you have ever played with in the competition?
A. “The best team I have played in the competition was Club Immigration’s team in 2016. The key players were Orathai Srimanee of Thailand, Rani Mulya Sari of Indonesia, Adhiti Chauhan of India and Mariyam Mirufath. The reason is because it was very easy to play with them, and they were very much dependable on the field as Orathai and Rani were professionally futsal players. That year we went on winning the tournament”.

Q. Who do you think is the best player in this year’s tournament?
A. “Ahhh… It is a difficult question to answer. For me Aminath Shaamila of MPL is the best player in the tournament”.

Q. Finally, what is your Club Maldives Cup best 5?
A. “My best five is Aminath Shaamila of MPL, Aminath Leeza (Lizzy) of Police Club for a goalie, Sabitra Bhandari of Police Club, Aminath Zahiya (Zedey) of Fenaka and Hawwa Haneefa of Wamco”.

Q. Finally what is your wish for the tournament?
A. “Well, I wish we could play the tournament in turf. I have been thinking of this from a long time. To come here to play in soil is a difficult thing to convince to foreign players too, as they play in indoor stadiums. I really wish to see this transformation”.

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