When To Travel Maldives? Know the Best Season

When To Travel Maldives? Know the Best Season

The best thing about traveling to the stunning islands of Maldives is that the climate remains fantastic throughout the year. With that being said, there’re particular times of the year when it is ideal to travel this fascinating destination. In this post, we will talk about the best time for Maldives Tours.

The Maldives are a cluster of isles that can be discovered in the Indian Ocean close to Asia. All of the 26 pieces of lands that you will explore are enclosed by amazing blue waters as far as your eyes can travel. While planning a Maldives vacation, it is essential to know the most ideal time of the year to tour, so that you can schedule your holiday during the peak condition. When it is about the Maldives, there’re 2 basic seasons the islands experience; the dry monsoon & the wet monsoon seasons. The dry monsoon lasts from December-March, whereas the wet monsoon starts around May & concludes in November, bringing with it stormy winds & heavy rainfall. The month of April can be considered as transitional and perhaps the most suitable time of the year to explore Maldives with warm climate and small amount of rain.

While it’d look like a good idea to travel the Maldives throughout the dry monsoon as contrary to the wet monsoon seasons, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that you must want to take into consideration. First of all, traveling Maldives throughout the dry monsoon months makes sure that the sun is out & the humidity level is low for most of the part. In fact, the temperature remains around 85 degrees Fahrenheit for the majority of the time. While these months are truly the ideal time to travel Maldives, it all relies upon what you are seeking. The fact of the matter is that the dry monsoon seasons are when the hotels in Maldives remain fully packed, which also signifies that you’ll have to book early before your vacation. If you love crowds & simply wish to relish your time under the sun & on the beaches with very little rain fall to care about, then this’s the time you should go after.

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