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If you are traveling to a bucket list destination such as the Maldives, you are going to want to make the most of it. Ireland’s Independent reports on how to make the most of one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.

“The Maldives is made up of some 1,200 coral islands flung like a necklace into the world’s most ooh-inducing ocean. But choosing the right resort is only the beginning. Even paradise has its pros and cons, and anyone thinking of splashing out thousands of euro on a trip should know what they’re getting into… hence our bumper collection of Maldives travel tips,” writes Pol O Conghaile.

First, this is not the place for those looking for a party scene.

“Shopping, nightlife and local interactions are in short supply (anyone looking for a city or cultural buzz should skip it, or add a stopover — in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, for example),” recommends Conghaile.

He also suggests choosing lodging carefully.

“The Maldives can be heaven (I’ve swum with whale sharks here, and eaten some of the best tuna of my life), or just another beach holiday,” he says.

Deciding when to go is also key.

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“December to February is peak holiday time, with the least rainfall, clouds and humidity… but blue skies bring high prices,” says Conghaile.

However, March and April are also good for deals and May to November has the best value, but you could experience some rain.

For more tips on getting the most out of the Maldives, read on here.

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