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VP Faisal Naseem inaugurates Dental Unit at Fuvahmulah City Hospital

Vice President Faisal Naseem has inaugurated the newly established Dental Care Unit at the Fuvahmulah City Hospital.

Faisal inaugurated the Dental Care Unit in a function held at the Fuvahmulah City Hospital this Wednesday morning.

Faisal is a native of Fuvahmulah and is currently on an official tour of the city.

Speaking at the inauguration, Faisal stressed that development of health care facilities in the Maldives was one of the current administration’s top priorities.

He said that the administration was working on expanding health services to the entire nation and aimed to end the discrimination in the quality of health services available between Maldivian islands and Maldivian citizens.

“The highest duty of this administration is to eliminate current healthcare challenges and expand health services across the Maldives in order to allow Maldivian citizens to live in good health. We shall stand firm in performing our duties to the people in the days to come,” said Faisal.

He also said that the administration will be working on increasing the quality of current healthcare services alongside its expansion work.

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