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VP bids adios to energy drinks; launches awareness program on unhealthy life choices

Vice President Faisal Naseem has renounced all unhealthy beverages including energy drinks.

The former lawmaker announced his decision during the launching of the awareness program on unhealthy life choices at Hotel Jen this Tuesday.

“I share with you that I, personally, will refrain from such unhealthy choices and refrain from energy drinks and such from this day on,” said the VP.

Faisal Naseem said the health of Maldivian people was the current administration’s biggest priority. And said the administration has made the decision to spend generously on awareness programs against smoking and consumption of supari, energy drinks and other high-sugar drinks.

“But however much we address this and how many more events we hold on this, we will have to continue addressing this even after the next five years unless this receives the necessary attention from all sectors to all schools to all households to all government offices to NGOs and sports clubs,” warned Faisal.

The VP called for all Maldivians to consider refraining from unhealthy life choices as a matter of civic duty.

He said that high spending on health was due to the lack of awareness and failure to take proper precautions, which could be easily remedied by refraining from unhealthy life choices.

He said the Maldives also needs to ponder on the adverse effects of promotion and advertisement of cigarettes and high-sugar beverages, while at the same time personally refraining from such unhealthy life choices.

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