Voting underway to elect a lower court judge to JSC membership

Polls opened at 9 am this Saturday to elect a representative from the lower courts to Judicial Service Commission (JSC) membership.

Polling stations have been set up in the capital of every atoll, as well as Male’ City, Addu City, and Fuvahmulah City.

The polling station in Male’ is at the training hall located in the former Jamaaluddin School building.

Total 21 ballot boxes are being used in the election.

Magistrates of judicial districts who are on the registry of judges are eligible to vote in the election.

Three candidates are running for the election. They are:

  • Ahmed Hailam, Chief Judge of Criminal Court
  • Abdul Razzaq Mohamed, Magistrate at G. Dh. Fiyoaree Court
  • Ali Shareef, Chief Magistrate of L. Judicial District

The current lower court representative at JSC is Juvenile Court Judge Mohamed Easafullhu. His term comes to an end on August 27.

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