Verdict to oust lawmakers that shift parties “a triumph”: PPM

PPM PG leader Ahmed Nihan (L) pictured at a press conference held by the ruling coalition of PPM/MDA.


PPM PG leader Ahmed Nihan (L) pictured at a press conference held by the ruling coalition of PPM/MDA.

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)’s parliamentary group leader Ahmed Nihan rejoiced over the top court’s ruling to oust lawmakers from their parliament seats should they resign or be expelled from their political parties or shift to another party, declaring the verdict a great triumph for the government.

The verdict, passed unanimously by the three judges of the Supreme Court on the constitutional case submitted by Attorney General Mohamed Anil, read that lawmakers that resign from their political party, are expelled from their political party, or sign into another political party will lose their seats in parliament effective immediately.

Speaking on a program on national television, Nihan declared that the verdict does not target any specific political parties or associations, but upholds the interests of the people and the nation for which PPM has full support.

“The people voted for you to maintain a certain [ideology], not flit from one party to the other,” he said.

Several other members of PPM’s parliamentary group have also taken to social media to celebrate the Supreme Court’s “happy verdict”. While some government aligned lawmakers describe it as a victory, PPM parliamentary group’s deputy leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla lauded the top court for proving its readiness to make decisions necessary for the sake of the nation and people.

Meanwhile, ten lawmakers of PPM who signed the joint opposition’s resolution to file a motion of no confidence against Parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh have handed in their resignations after the government submitted the constitutional case to Supreme Court, seeking to oust lawmakers who shift parties.

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