Veligaa Opens Metabo Experience Center

Photo: Veligaa

Veligaa Hardware has opened up a Metabo tools experience centre on the first floor of their Majeedhee Magu outlet. Veligaa Hardware is the authorized distributor of Metabo tools in the Maldives.

Veligaa said that arrangements have been made at the 1st floor of their Majeedhee Magu outlet for those who would like to experience the tools. Metabo tools were introduced into the market in 2017 and have already gained the support and trust of the industry personnel and the general Maldivian market.

The reason for opening this centre is to make all Metabo products available from the same place as per the Product Manager of Metabo tools, Mr Mahudhee Ijaaz. Veligaa had previously opened up a service centre for Metabo products as well.

Full details are available at the link below:


Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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