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USA commits $10 million in support to Maldives

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 20: The USA has extended support to the tune of USD 10 million to the Maldives to assist the new Ibrahim Solih-led government in various areas including maritime security.

David Ranz, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of the US Department of State recently visited the nation with an inter-agency delegation, during which he held productive meetings with officials from several Maldivian ministries to discuss their objectives and the challenges they face as they chart a new path for the island country.

“The United States is looking into providing assistance in the areas of debt analysis and sustainability, justice-sector capacity building, civil society support, and environmental aid-all areas the Maldivian government has identified as priorities in its 100-day plan,” Ranz said after returning from his trip.

“The United States has also offered security assistance given Maldives‘ strategic location on key sea lanes. There has been a commitment of USD 10 million to the Maldives – USD 7 million in foreign military financing to support Maldives‘ maritime security and patrol its territorial waters, and USD 3 million to support its civil society and help protect its environment,” the DAS outlined.

Furthermore, he underscored that the USA believes that its support will help strengthen democracy, improve governance, root out corruption, enhance security, and promote economic development in the Maldives, which are priorities that the US is emphasizing across the region as part of their vision for the Indo-Pacific.

Lastly, the Deputy Assistant Secretary reinforced the Trump administration’s effort to advance freedom and openness with the region – spanning from the west coast of India to the west coast of the United States – through the three pillars of this strategy which are the economic pillar, the security pillar and the governance pillar.

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