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UN delegate visits Maldives as ‘coolant’ to political crisis

UN representatives met with cabinet ministers and government officials to assess the political situation of Maldives. | PHOTO: PRESIDENT’S OFFICE.

United Nations has assured a political affairs delegate dispatched from the international watchdog is currently active and present in the Maldives to subside the intensified political crisis.

The Maldivian branch of UN on Sunday has tweeted that the “UNDPA team is on a working visit to the Maldives for the next three days to continue engagement with the government, political parties and civil society representatives.”

The Department of Political Affairs (UNDPA) is the key branch of the global watchdog unit responsible for finding long-lasting and effective political solutions to embattled states across the globe.

This marks the first time an international monitoring body has dispatched its delegates to the island nation since its 45-day long state of emergency was lifted on Thursday, March 22.

However, United Nations had earlier urged the Maldives state to lift the emergency which was decreed few days after the supreme court ordered the release of nine political prisoners including former president Mohamed Nasheed, on February 1.

But the Maldives government responded in a rather aggressive tone stating though, the state of emergency may be lifted, it will not implement said top court order.

The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) initiated multi-party talks, with fisheries minister Dr Mohamed Shainee as the prime representative of the government. However, opposition shot down all attempts by the state for discussions pre-conditioning the immediate implementation of February 1 issued apex court order as well as a tasked unit of the United Nation filling the intermediary role in the discussions.

This was not met by the ruling party, which had, in turn, presented its own pre-conditions.

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