Two policemen fired over threats in police barracks

Threats against the government scattered inside the police barracks of Iskandhar Koshi. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA

Two policemen who were arrested in connection with written threats against the government, that were found scattered in the police barracks of Iskandhar Koshi, in capital Male,  have been terminated from their posts.

Confirming the termination, the police spokesperson said that the two officers were dismissed last December.

Photographs of the threats written on A4 size sheets had been circulated on social media, and were said to have been scattered on staircases, by the elevator and in front of the Professional Standard Department in Iskandhar Koshi.

The threats centred mainly on disapproval against certain actions of the government, declaring that the Maldives Police Service does not exist to defend the political agenda of the government.

“We condemn the efforts of one side of the government ruling party to coerce police officers to attend its rally in civilian clothes to show off [the rally’s] large size,” the papers further read, referring to the mass rally last year by the president’s faction of the divided ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) which had asserted that faction as the “true PPM” and was also boasted as the largest political gathering in the Maldives with 12,000 participants.

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