“Trust in police should be revived”: Prez Yameen


President Yameen at the ceremony held on the occasion of the 85th of anniversary of the Police Institution. PHOTO/PRESIDENTS OFFICE

President Yameen has said that there is a need to revive people’s trust in the police institution due to the actions of some officers.

While speaking at the official gathering held on the occasion of the 85th Anniversary of the Maldives Police service, President Yameen said that the police as an institution should be more mindful of the actions of individual officers. He noted that the actions of these officers are tarnishing the good name of the institution.

Highlighting the events that followed the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on February 1, Yameen said that Maldives Police Service should never come under the influence of any political agendas. He advised all the officers to do their duty with dignity and steadfastness.

President Yameen appreciated the Police force for their services in protecting and people but stated that being a police officer is a thankless job and it is their duty to serve people.

During the ceremony held Wednesday evening, President Yameen presented Awards of Recognition for the outstanding achievements by Police Officers, and for serving the institution for over 25 years.

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