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Training programs underway for shelter employees

Training programs have been conducted with the focus on training 179 employees of the government shelter that watches over children under the care of the government.

The purpose of these training programs according to the Gender Ministry is to develop the skills of these employees even further and enhance the services provided by the shelter. These training sessions will last for up to three weeks and will be focused on eight areas. They are:

  • Parenting skills
  • Care workers – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Child psychology and social work theory
  • Psychosocial approaches
  • Communication skills and tools
  • Additional responsibilities and managerial roles
  • Mental health and well-being, emotional health issues
  • Disabilities and learning difficulties

Gender Ministry stated that employees of all levels at the shelter will take part in the training sessions.

These training sessions come not long after the Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef stated that employees at the shelter were not trained well enough for the job and a lot of challenges were faced due to the lack of trained employees.

While there are 150 children under the care of the government right now, 106 of these children are aged under 12. They are being housed at the shelter located in Hulhumale’. 44 children aged above 12 are living in a shelter located in Vilimale’.

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