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Topic 1 : What’s The Reality Of #IndiaOUT?

#IndiaOut, The Largest & Most Trending Platform On Twitter In the Republic Of Maldives. What Are The Reality Of India Out, Some People Would Say That India Out Is Racist. Here Are The Sources

In 2010, During The Time Of Former President & Current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed Also Known As “Anni”, Agreed To Bring Two Of The Indian Helicopters To The Maldives As A “Gift” To MNDF (Maldives National Defence Force). 20 Military Personals From India Were Brought With Each To Operate Them. It Was Said Back Then In News Sources That Indian Military Personals Will Stay Here UNTIL Maldivians Are Trained To Operate Them.

Former President Mohamed Waheed Hasan Manik And Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom Also Renewed The Agreements.

Fast Foward To 2017, There Was A News During Oct 2017, That A Maldivian Pilot Would Complete Training And Be Ready To Operate Them In One Month. 2018 Happened Yet The Helicopters Were Still Under Full Operation By Indian Military.

Then In 2018, Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom Decided To Not Renew The Agreements And Not Renew Visas For The Military Personals And Send Them Away. The Helicopters Were Not Taken Away Though, They Refused To Go Back, Regime Changed.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Also Known As “Ibu” Came To Power.

IMS Renewed The Agreements. This Time The Terms Of Conditions Were Not Disclosed To The Media. In 2019, an Indian Coastguard Tweeted Saying An Indian Helicopter Is Operating In Maldives. The Tweet Was Later Deleted. The PPM-PNC Opposition Started Pressuring The Issue Then.

Even Now The Two Helicopters Are Being Operated By Indian Military Personals (One In Laamu, The Other In Addu / Suvadive Island). They Report To HCI (High Commission Of India). On Top Of That A New Military Aircraft (Donier-228) Is Being Brought To Hanimadhoo, With More Indian Military Personals.

Protest Against Indian Military Presence , Police Brutality -Avas

The Former President & Current Speaker Of The Maldivian Parliament Has Spoken In A Manner Labeling Participants Of The “India Out” Protests In The Maldives As Extremists.

During Protests Held 12th September 2020 , Participants Called For The Departure Of Indian Army Personnel In The Maldives. The Defense Ministry Has Even Up Until Today, Has Refused To Disclose The Exact Number Of Indian Military Personnel In the Nation, Citing National Security Concerns And Diplomatic Ties That May Be Disrupted. Public Concern Have Also Been Expressed Over Two Helicopters Operated By Indian Army Personnel As Well As The Recent DonationOf A Dornier aircraft.

A Press Conference Held In The Parliament On Sept 15 2020, Speaker Nasheed Reiterated His Previous Description Of the “India Out” Campaign As Being Formed By Extremist Organizations.

He Said That Intelligence Communities across the Globe were well aware Of How Organizations Such As ISIS & Al Qaida Operated And That The First Move They Make In Order To Take Over A Nation Was To Sideline That Nation From The Rest Of The International Community.

Defence Minister Of Maldives & External Affairs Of India Signed The Deal, -Photo : Dhiyares / TMJ

Uthuru Thila Falhu Or Known As UTF Which Permits The Stationing Of The Indian Military At That Location Has Been Signed Between The Maldives And India, Minister Of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi Signed On Behalf Of The Maldivian Government; The Visiting Indian Minister of External Affairs, Dr Subramaniam Jaishankar Signed On Behalf Of India At 21’st February 2021.

The MNDF Held A Press Conference After The Signing Of An Agreement Between The Maldives And India Regarding The Development, Support, And Maintenance Of A Coast Guard Dockyard At UTF.

The Popular Far-Left News Website Dhiyares / The Maldives Journal‘s Journalist & Co-Founder, Ahmed Azaan Had Asked Brig. Gen. Abduh Raheem Abdul Latheef At The Press Conference How Long The Indian Military Would Be Present At The UTF, And He Was Also Asked If The Indian Government Had Refused To Loan Them Money If Indian Military Personnel Were Not Permitted To Be Stationed At UTF. The Brigadier General Only Responded That The Coast Guard Harbour Would Not Be A Military Base.

Dhiyares / TMJ Had Previously Requested That The Ministry of Defence Disclose The Number Of Indian Military Personnel In The Maldives. On Their Refusal, Dhiyares / TMJ Appealed With The Information Commission Who Sided With The Ministry Of Defence, Claiming That The Information’s Disclosure Posed A Threat To National Security. Dhiyares / TMJ Has Appealed The Case At The High Court.

An Indian Newspaper, The Deccan Herald, Has Described UTF As A “Strategic Asset For India”.

The UTF Agreement Was First Proposed By Indian Government During Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom’s Administration. Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom Halted The Agreement & India Retaliated By Restricting The Import Of Essential Commodities And Dependent Visas For Maldivian Parents.

Dhiyares / TMJ Received A Copy Of The UTF Agreement Signed Between India & Maldives Shocked The Maldivians.

Armed Soldiers Of The Indian Army Will Be Allowed To Operate On Maldivian Sand For 60 Years, The Document.

UTF Agreement Leaked Image
UTF Agreement Leaked Image, -Dhiyares / TMJ
UTF Agreement Leaked Image, -Dhiyares / TMJ

Dhiyares / TMJ Got Information From Maldives Police Said That They Will Raid The office Arrest Journalists & Shutdown The Online News Page.

Ministry Of Defence Has Press Release Said That Was An Fake News & Propaganda.

The India Out Doesn’t Mean That They Want Kick “Indians” Out Of Maldives, India Out Definitely Means That They Want To Kick “Indian Military” Out Of the Maldives Because of The Indian Asset To The Indian Influence Of The Indian Ocean. Just Because It Is Called Indian Ocean, Doesn’t Mean It’s Belongs To India Like Uyghurs Belong To Uyghur People & Palestine Belongs To Palestinians, And About The Fascism, Because Of Racism To Non-Maldivian Persons Like Migrant Workers. Protesting Outside Sunjay Sudhir’s House Is Not Fascism Since He Is A Tool Of The Indian Govt. Please, Keep In Mind. It Is NOT AGAINST INDIANS, It Is Against Their Govt Influences.

  1. What Is Indian Military Presence in Maldives ?
  2. “India Out” Protesters Labelled As Extremists ?
  3. The Leaked Agreement Of UTF Deal (Art 1 / Art 2 / Art 3) , Other Soures Have Seen.
  4. Was It Racist & Xenophobic ?

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