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Top court rejects grievances submitted by President Yameen

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President Abdulla Yameen speaks during his first public appearance after the Supreme Court issued its landmark order to release political prisoners and reinstate suspended lawmakers. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected three concerns raised by President Abdulla Yameen regarding the court’s landmark ruling to release nine political prisoners.

Amidst building pressures on the government, Yameen submitted three letters relating to Thursday’s verdict to Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed. The letters voiced concerns regarding the top court’s order to free political prisoners, the undermining of Judicial Service Commission (JSC)’s authority, and the release of Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed.

While the apex court’s verdict called for the immediate release of nine prominent political leaders including former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb, the president had highlighted the consequences of following through the court’s order. He declared in his letters that implementing the order would result in the Constitution and functioning of state bodies falling into disarray, which would put national security and the interests of the people in danger.

Regarding the JSC, which is the Maldives’ judicial watchdog, Yameen referred to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the commission cannot investigate the justices of the top court. Yameen declared that this ruling was in clear violation of Article 157 of the Constitution, which accords JSC the authority to probe issues relating to the judges.

His third concern was regarding Hassan Saeed, the Judicial Administrator who was accused of bribery. The Supreme Court had recently overturned an order by the Criminal Court to arrest Saeed. Yameen voiced concerns that the action would halt the police investigation against Saeed as well as hinder the police and prosecutor general from carrying out their legal mandates.

However, ruling Progressive Party of Maldives’s (PPM) deputy leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla later announced that the Supreme Court had rejected the letters from the president. He added that Yameen had subsequently submitted a fourth letter.

In a press conference held by PPM, Abdul Raheem proclaimed that the current events occurring in the country are unlawful and that the power of the lower courts have been undermined. He alleged that the files of lower courts were being transferred to the Supreme Court, while magistrates and judges were being removed from position to halt verdicts.

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