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Top court did not seek India backing for landmark ruling: DJA

CJ Saeed

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed enters the Supreme Court. PHOTO/MIHAARU

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) on Monday refuted reports by the Indian media that the Supreme Court had sought India’s support to implement the landmark ruling issued last Thursday.

It was recently reported in the Times of India that the apex court of the Maldives had allegedly reached out to the Indian government, requesting assistance to execute the court’s unprecedented order to release nine prominent political prisoners and reinstate 12 suspended parliamentarians.

However, DJA’s spokesperson on Monday declared the reports false, stating that neither the court nor the administration had made such a request to the neighbouring nation.

Political tensions have increased since the Supreme Court issued the verdict, further fueled by the government’s continuing delay in enforcing it. The political prisoners in question remain in custody despite the urging of the opposition and international bodies for the Maldivian government to immediately comply with the order. The prosecutor general had submitted legal concerns regarding the order to the top court; however, the Supreme Court merely responded that there were no obstructions to executing its order.

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