Top 7 Dive Sites in The Maldives

The Maldives are made up of 26 Atolls (ring-shaped reefs), which in themselves are home to over 1192 individual islands. That’s an awful lot of places to explore both under the water and on land. However, the tourism in the Maldives is strictly controlled, meaning that tourists MUST remain on the registered tourist islands or on a liveaboard.

There are only 85 resorts based within the Maldives, however, you need to make sure you do the necessary research as not all of them cater for divers. However, even if the resort you choose does not provide diving opportunities, then you should be able to dive from other resorts within the vicinity.

The Maldives are not cheap, however, provide unbelievable experiences for divers and non-divers alike. If the Maldives is not on your bucket list, this little slice of heaven should be. Choosing to go to the Maldives is quite expensive, so when picking your resort, make sure you opt for the full-board option, even renting equipment on these islands can leave your pockets feeling a little lighter. Throughout the months of July to August, the resorts tend to go down slightly in price as this is the rainy season, however diving around this time means lower visibility.

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