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Top 10 exclusive things you will find in Maldives

Scuba diving

1. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is open for beginners and pros alike in the Maldives. There are hundreds of dive centres and dive schools offering world-class diving courses.

These dive centres will offer the services of PADI licensed instructors, who will be eager to teach you the skills of scuba diving.

Once you complete an open water dive course or scuba diver course in the Maldives, you will be certified to dive anywhere in the world, as these courses are licensed by PADI.

2. Snorkelling: Snorkelling in the Maldives is an uncomplicated activity available to everyone.

Accordingly, young kids and adults can engage in this happening recreation. You do not have to be a great swimmer to be a snorkeler.

The attractiveness of the beautiful sea will make you swim naturally. Resort islands and other tourist establishments will teach snorkelling to their guests. For kids and beginners, guided snorkelling will be provided.

3. Water sports: All the resorts, guest houses and liveaboards provide unlimited access to exciting water sports activities.

Resort islands operate, world-class water sports centres to thrill their visitors. Some of the water sports activities may look complicated and demanding. However, there is no reason to be in awe of them, as the water sports centres will teach you and guide you to excel in your preferred water sports activities.

Some of the water sports activities that you can partake in the resorts includes; canoeing, catamaran sailing, water Skiing, fun tube, kayaking, wakeboarding, jet ski tours, parasailing, banana boat towing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kitesurfing and kneeboarding. Modern technology has played a key role in introducing revolutionary new water sports concepts.

Accordingly, the water sports centres in the Maldives offers all the ultra-modern water sports activities.

Zoom over the sea powered by the X-Jetpacks and fly like a superhero. Feel like James Bond when you embark on a Seabob ride on the fastest underwater scooter.

Surfing enthusiasts from around the world visit the Maldives annually to ride the waves generated in the now famous surf breaks. Showcase your surfing talents in the international surfing events held in the Maldives.

4. Seaplane photo flight: One of the most popular activities in the Maldives is a seaplane photo flight. Visitors love to embark on this journey to capture stunning images of the flawless islands from above.

Seaplane operators in the Maldives organise scheduled seaplane photo flights. Moreover there are resorts that organise seaplane photo flights jointly with the seaplane operators by chartering the seaplanes.

The islands and lagoons stretch out across the vast blue coloured ocean harmoniously. Take stunning photos of this magical sight as you enjoy a secure ride in the seaplanes.

Comfortable seating and large windows of the planes give you the opportunity to position your cameras perfectly to shoot the best pictures.

The seaplane journey which began from the sea concludes when the plane again lands on the water. By this time you will have experienced one of the most remarkable journeys of your life.

Take with you as memoirs the breathtaking pictures you took during this magical flight.

5. Underwater Scooter: An underwater scooter yields a unique thrill for non-divers and even non-swimmers.

These scooters were invented to provide the thrills of scuba diving without cumbersome gear such as a weight belt or strapped tank.

The scooter has a self-contained breathing environment that makes it natural and comfortable to breathe as it travels underwater at a depth of 5m and with a speed of about 2kph. The scooters are powered by an electric battery and are available for one or two passengers.

6. Underwater Spa: The first underwater spa in the world was created in the Maldives, in a resort in North Male’ Atoll only a 25-minute speedboat ride from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

This features two glass-walled underwater treatment rooms with panoramic views of a coral reef and curious fish and a soothing design inspired by the colours and textures of the sea.

The signature underwater spa experience lasts a heavenly three hours of treatment with indigenous island coconut, lime and mineral oils followed by a melting application of ice, and relaxation while marvelling at the views of clownfish, stingrays and other exotic marine life.

Set 100m from the resort’s shore at the end of a wooden promenade, the spa’s treatment rooms are eight meters below the surface.

7. Underwater Restaurant and Nightclub: Submerged six meters below water level, diners can sit eye-to-eye with the spectacular marine life of the Indian Ocean.

Subsix, the underwater space at PER AQUUM Niyama resort in the Maldives, was the world’s only underwater nightclub, and has now broadened its remit to that of “underwater playground”.

Subsix is located 500 meters off-shore from PER AQUUM on Niyama Island, in the Maldives’ Dhaalu Atoll. Resort guests are whisked out to Subsix on a speedboat, then led down below sea level via a grand staircase.

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