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Three charges against Jumhoory Party leader while PG remains silent

JP leader Qasim Ibrahim being taken back to Dhoonidhoo where he is kept in Police custody

The Prosecutor General (PG) pressed three charges against the leader of Jumhoory party (JP) and lawmaker of Maamigilli constituency, Qasim Ibrahim, early Wednesday.

According to PG Office’s spokesperson, Qasim is charged with attempting bribery, coercion with regards to official duties and undue influence on voters.

Prosecutor General has sent the charges to the Criminal Court after Police withdrew their initial charges against Qasim.

The local tycoon, who is currently remanded for six days, was first interrogated over bribery allegations regarding the no-confidence motion against parliamentary speaker Abdulla Maseeh.

The six days of Qasim’s remand was due Wednesday while the appeal of his arrest was also scheduled at the High for the same day.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham faces heavy criticism as she remains silent over Qasim’s arrest which violates the Parliamentary Privileges Act of the Constitution.

According to the Act, the court order to arrest Qasim can only be issued per request of the PG, unlike this case which saw Police make the request at the Criminal Court.

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