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Threats to democracy in the Maldives

The EU remains deeply concerned by the threats to democracy and fundamental freedoms in the Maldives, calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners and urges the Government of the Maldives to engage with the leaders of the opposition in a genuine dialogue that paves the way for credible, transparent and inclusive presidential elections.

The EU made this statement at the 38th general meeting of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Maldives Uprising

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Addu bey (Adobe)

Yes. But they should first correct their government systems, then only should they talk about our’s. And nobody is perfect. EU stop criticising us.


Addu bey Maldives is not considered as a country. U people buy all supportive things from India and stopping Indian visas. Remember India is big nation don’t play with Indians.