Thoddoo papaya fields heavily damaged due to rough weather

Papaya fields damaged in A.A. Thoddoo due to rough weather.

The island council of Alif Alif atoll Thoddoo island reported that over MVR 1 million of damages have been caused to Thoddoo’s papaya fields in the recent rough weather across the Maldives.

Thoddoo Island Council’s President Hassan Ibrahim stated that rainstorms heavily damaged the island’s papaya fields last week with several trees, bearing a lot of fruit, felled due to strong winds. He estimated that the damages amount to over MVR 1 million.

According to Hassan Ibrahim, 1,500 papaya trees were damaged by strong winds while the rough weather also caused some damages to the island’s eggplant fields. However, he assured that the island’s watermelon fields, which are Thoddoo’s flagship produce, are unspoiled.

Citing Thoddoo’s farmers, Hassan went on to reassure that the damages will not affect the amount of papayas released to markets and that enough produce will be sold during the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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