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Thilafushi, Maldives’s Garbage Island

Maldives is a South Asian island country, consist of a complex of islands forming 26 atols in an area of 298 square kilometers.

Since Maldives, the tropical paradise, became a famous tourist destination, the problem of waste disposal started to become more and more serious. So, the solution was the “Rubbish Island.” Thilafushi was selected to be the place to dispose the garbage from all the islands in Maldives.

Thilafushi received its first load of garbage from Malé on January 7, 1992. During its early years of waste disposal operations, pits (also known as cells) with a volume of 37,500 ft3 (1060 m3) were dug, after which the sand obtained from the excavation was used to construct walled enclosures around the internal perimeter of the cells. Waste received from Malé was deposited into the midst of the pit, which was topped off with a layer of construction debris and then uniformly leveled with white sand. Initially, there was no segregation of the waste since it had to be disposed of immediately due to mass accumulation.

For 20 some odd years, the man-made “island” was presented with approximately 330 tons of garbage a day, causing it to swell at a rate of one square meter every 24 hours.

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